From monitoring, to data-logging, medical imaging, visual simulation and research, PNY delivers seamless product integration solutions to help you achieve your objective of improved patient care.


The healthcare industry is drastically changing. Diagnostic and treatment options are now more individualized than ever through extensive data driven genetic testing/analysis. Medical imaging is requiring faster and safer processing of imagery to deliver critical diagnosis and recommended treatment options.

These changes are driving the need for storage, performance and enhanced visualization products to sustain these workloads and deliver timely and accurate patient reporting and care.

Backed by decades of technology expertise and experience, PNY empowers healthcare organizations to address today’s challenges with confidence, and delivers the right solutions to improve clinical and business performance.

Healthcare Administration

Whether there are 300 or 3,000 devices, PNY works with health care providers to make sure they get the Mobile accessories they need at a price that stays within their budget.

PNY offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet all your small to large scale medical market needs.

NVIDIA® Quadro® Graphics Cards: NVIDIA Graphics Cards use parallel processing to break down complex computing problems such as 3D images produced by CT, ultrasound, MRI and PET scans into many smaller tasks that run simultaneously. This core capability is driving dramatic improvements across the spectrum of medical imaging technologies.

Solid State Drives: Available in standard to enterprise class storage with higher capacities, PNY SSDs offer up to 10K endurance options and self-encrypted technology for secure medical application.

PowerPacks: Reliable backup power when needed for mobile phones or tablets.