Government Agencies

PNY offers reliable, performance based solutions for time-sensitive and critical applications for government agency environments - including a broad assortment of cost-effective computing upgrades, NVIDIA® Graphics Cards and Mobile Accessory options.


Professional Graphics Cards: PNY offers the full range of NVIDIA Quadro® Graphics Cards ideal for computational intensive applications, as well as NVIDIA NVS® Graphics Cards renowned for multiple display situations.

Solid State Drives: For quicker system boot up, application load time and enhanced overall system performance. With no moving parts and lower power consumption, Solid State Drives offer a more reliable and cost effective solution than traditional hard drives. PNY's Prevail Series SSDs are optimized for size, weight and power (SWAP) requirements. Available in capacities from 120 GB to 480 GB in efficient industry standard 2.5” form factors. In addition, we apply industry-leading data protection/self–encryption technologies to keep sensitive information secure.

Memory Upgrades: Designed with high reliability, low power consumption and a form factor to suit most applications, PNY’s DRAM solutions increase multitasking capabilities and maximize your departments overall ROI.

PowerPacks: Reliable back up power source for mobile devices to keep government employees connected when needed 24/7.

Chargers: Durable car charger options for device power up while in transit.

USB Flash Drives: For presentation, financial & business plan portability. Offered in a diverse array of designs, capacities and sizes.